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About Arizona Children's Group

Arizona Children's Group is a co-ed behavioral health program for male and female youth, ages 12-17, who require intensive residential community-based treatment for mental health or disabilities. Our programs include therapeutic behavioral health, developmental disability treatment, and day services and treatment programs.

We believe all youth can embrace who they are, can re-define their future, and can help change the world.

Our Residential Level II facilities provide the following services:

Residential behavioral health interventions in a community-based setting that assists adolescents and youth in resolving diagnosed behavioral issues and gaining social and communal independence. Each individual one of our youth is provided their own, personalized, treatment plan and treatment goals, while in our facility. As staff, we work together to fulfill the goals of the treatment plan and get each client to a productive and safe place in their care regimen(s). Services are provided in various houses, facilities, or treatment centers, and address  diagnosed behavioral health issues, behavioral crisis, individual accountability, and independent living skills.

  • Individual Behavioral Therapy

  • Group Behavior Therapy

  • Family Intervention Programs

  • Mentor-ship Programs

  • Personal Care

  • Counseling Services

  • Hands-Off Medication Management



The overall mission of Arizona Children's Group is to effectively serve youth and adolescents, and their families, with non-restrictive placement services for behavioral health, developmental disabilities, and preventative diseases; through community-based resources, skill building, employee dedication, and dependable support services.


The vision of Arizona Children's Group is to have a meaningful and sustaining impact in the lives of youth and adolescents; changing one life at a time, one future at a time.

We take pride in caring about our residents above all else.

24-Hour Clinical Supervision
High Needs Case Management
Monitored Medication Management

Clinical supervision is provided through our licensed,professional counselors and registered nursing staff. .Each youth's case is reviewed once a week by our multidisciplinary team of executives and administrators to support consistent growth rates and monitoring of care. 

Our independent case managers manage the social skill building, academic improvement, improved self care, and lasting prevocational skills for their future with weekly and monthly goal setting and visits. We make sure that each of our boys have attention to detail regarding their education, social skills, and future coping skills. 

Medication management is provided through our dedicated nursing team and affiliate physicians/therapists for 24-hour medical observation and management. Each youth's medical records are reviewed bi-montly by our lead nursing staff and case management team for care management and medication consistency. 


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